Nandy Goes After Blogger Claiming Her Child Is Dead

Bongo star Nandy has gone after a Tanzanian blogger who published false information about her daughter.

The singer on her social media pages blasted the blogger who claimed her daughter had died. Nandy in her message said it was distasteful for people to take advantage of other people’s popularity to get clicks.

The post read, “Hii ndio sababu ya kifo cha mtoto wa Nandy na Bill Nas,”(This is the reason behind Nandy and Billnas child’s death)

An angry Nandy said the blogger would serve as an example to others with similar habits.


“Let not being popular be why you hurt people just to get views or popularity. You better have deleted that nonsense because you will serve as an example to the rest.

What does the mother of that child you have out there feel right now,” Nandy said.

Nandy vowed to use all her means to get the person behind the post which had began doing rounds on social media.

Nandy welcomed her daughter in September and vowed to keep her child’s identity under wraps until she was of age to share the details of her child on social media.

There have been similar instances where people shared false information about celebrities in Kenya, most recently YouTuber Eve Mungai.

An impostor donned in a police uniform online said he was behind Eve Mungai’s first 30 videos but the now successful YouTuber deserted him after she blew up.

However, the move however did not end well as the man was arrested and charged with impersonation and publishing falsehoods.

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