The issue of medical negligence in Ghana has been causing harm to many people as it keeps lingering unchecked.

Famed broadcaster with Angel Broadcasting Network, Nana Yaa Brefo has shared a harrow experience with negligent health personnel who attended to her while giving birth to her second child.

A few days ago, the Greater Accra Regional Hospital also known as the Ridge Hospital was hit with a scandal when a lecturer lost his wife due to the wrong prescription of a drug. This triggered the conversation with patients who have a similar experience to share on Angel FM hosted by Captain Smart.

Nana Yaa Brefo who could not hold back her tear had no option but share her story.

I have been crying since because I have a similar situation as i sit here, it’s quite emotional for me when i talk about it” she told Captain Smart.

Not having a womb, according to Nana Yaa Brefo, makes her similar to a male because having a womb is the only evidence that proves otherwise. She added that she had not had a womb for thirteen years.

You don’t have what?” A shocked Captain Smart asked repeatedly to confirm what he had just heard.

I don’t have a womb,” the radio personality stressed. Throwing light onto the development she said the doctors told her a previous surgery left holes in her womb so they had to take it out to save her life.

Nana Yaa Brefo shared more of her story in this video:

Video: Paa Kwesi TV/YouTube