‘Nairobi’ Hitmaker Bensoul Admits To Have Cheated On His Girlfriend, Impregnated Another Woman

When Bensoul sang ‘Nairobi ni kushare, huyu anakupea kisha ananipea’, he really meant it.

Why? The singer, who has been in a relationship for more than two years has admitted to impregnating another lady.

Blogger Edgar Obare revealed that a lady had come forward to accuse Bensoul of impregnating her and that the singer admitted it.

Sauti Sol's Bensoul
Sauti Sol’s Bensoul

He said that he is aware of his mistakes and he is actually making plans for his unborn child.

He further added that his family and girlfriend are aware of the pregnancy and he was planning to make the announcement soon.

“Hey Edgar, yes this is true, a mistake I did on my part and my people know that I have been doing all I can to be there for the unborn child.

“I was about to make the story public but I guess you beat me to it. If you need any more information, ask me,” Bensoul wrote.

Bensoul says that his girlfriend, Noni, was aware of the situation but it seems like she decided to react to it right now.

She shared a photo on Instagram and captioned:

“This is the most I love you but I’mma still do you dirty generation ever.”

Could she be talking about Bensoul?

While talking to Edgar, Bensoul said his worst fear was the stability of Noni’s mental health.

He said his fans talking about it will make her start hurting again.

This comes after Bensoul and his girlfriend Noni were featured in the now-ended reality TV show, Sol Family where they talked about how they met.

Noni even talked about how it felt to date a celebrity.

For now, let’s wait for Bensoul to make the announcement. Will he still do it?

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