My Wife Knew I Had Been Sacked Before I Did-Jimmy Gathu

Legendary media personality Jimmy Gathu, has opened on losing friends after he lost his radio job.

Gathu says the job loss came as a surprise as he was at the peak of his career. Speaking during an interview with Charles Otieno of Standard Digital, Gathu shared,

“In 2016 I was told to go home. I have never been sacked and I had never looked for a job. I went to work and some envelopes were there and among them was mine. At 4:30 in the morning, I kissed my kids and wife goodbye and at 8:30 I had no job.”

Jimmy Gathu

Jimmy says his wife knew about the job loss before he did,

“She kept calling me and I decide to pick up as I was in the studio. She asked me to check my Whatsapp but before I did we were called for a meeting. After 30 or 40 minutes we were told to go home.”

He says that was a way of God telling him he had gotten too comfortable.

“I would have easily been moved to TV but I was sent home even though I had experience. God was teaching me something. I came back in 2022.”

Jimmy says he learned that people only love you when there is something you can give.

“I was going through the emotions of knowing I couldn’t afford some items. When you call someone to ask for help but they did not pick up. No one calls you anymore. At that time is when you realize you that when you fall the people who surrounded you laugh at you and then go away.

If I did not get high blood pressure and depression at that time there is a God,” Jimmy is currently hosting a show on Spice FM.

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