I Didn’t Cry When My Sister Died, Andrew Kibe

This guy acts like he’s so macho smh...

Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe came out to reveal that he did not cry when his sister died in 2012.

During their morning show with co-host Kamene Goro, they talked about how people dealt differently with grief. He went on to reveal he was in not good terms with his late sister the day she died in what he termed as family drama.

The day before yesterday was my late sister’s birthday and I just realized I have no feeling or emotion towards this. The day she died we were not in good terms. She passed on in 2012. I do not know why I never felt that heavy grief. I did not even cry. So what I want you to know, you do not have to grief because everyone is grieving. You can move faster than others.”” Said Kibe.

andrew kibe
image: Nairobi News

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