My Mum Sold Mahindi Choma To Feed Us-Evelyn Wanjiru

Gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru has revealed that her mum became a widow when her dad died in 2006.

Her mother Hellen was left to fend for four children and was jobless. Evelyn who dedicated land to her mom revealed that she was deeply hurt seeing her mother struggle to provide for her children.

Evelyn shed tears speaking to a group of guests who were invited to witness the moment. Among the guests were Kabi and Milly wa Jesus, plus family members.

Evelyn Wanjiru

On their latest YouTube video, Evelyn whispers her excitement at rewarding her dear mother.

“My mums name is Helen Muhonjo Kinyua. She loves her children with passion and God has given me an opportunity to gift her. My goodness, I am so emotional I am so overwhelmed at what God can do.”

Evelyn started shaking as she explained what she has in store for mother, Hellen.

“I am doing this because I am my mothers day, the bible says to honour your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you (Exodus 20:12). I am honoring my mother because my mum has been that woman who has really struggled with us. I have been raised in Nakuru and so one time we found ourselves in the ghetto. And I remember this time I was really sick and I started kinda hallucinating and my mum was selling maize in the streets of Nakuru and I remember someone calling her, telling her your daughter is talking to herself.”

The moment gets so emotional for Evelyn as she recalled how young she was to be hallucinating.

“I was around 10 to 11 years old. My mum carried me, I was so big to be carried. I was crying. I also remember one day watching her wash a church to make a hundred bob to pay for stima, to feed four children. We lost our dad in 2006 and experienced election violence. I have seen her suffering and going the extra mile to put food on the table, so guys become a blessing to your parents.”


“I remember my mum being so stressed and became diabetic plus she got high blood pressure. Believe me, seeing this widow and putting that smile on her face I can’t wait for this journey.”

Her mother Helen stood up and hugged her as Evelyn recounted once again,

“I have seen you selling maize in the streets selling charcoal to buy us food. I have seen you washing a church for a hundred bob just to pay for stima.”

Her mum cried and stood up to hug Evelyn as the singer announced she was gifting her mother 2 parcels of land.

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