‘My Boyfriend Beats People’ -Rue Baby Warns Entitled Man

Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby, shared a hilarious chat she had with a certain stubborn admirer who decided to DM her.

The conversation was tense from the beginning with the entitled manbaby demanding an audience with the model.

He started out by greeting her several times with Rue just ignoring her something he couldn’t fathom. He then showed some small d energy by telling Rue, ‘

We endelea kuringa xjui ulambwe nan.’

Rue Baby

That was when Rue decided to respond showing that she isn’t Akothee’s daughter for nothing. She retorted by telling the man to stop being angry.

But that just opened the floodgates with the man now seeing her rebuke as an invitation to keep on speaking.


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Rue wasn’t having any of his nonsense and warned him that her man manhandles people.

‘My boyfriend beats people,’ she wrote.

The big baby wouldn’t take a hint, going on to write a whole monologue in her DM’s. By this time, Rue was done and ignored the rest of his comments.

She then decided to post the whole interaction with her fans with the caption of her screenshot reading,

“I can’t with your man’s anymore,” she wrote.

I can understand her exasperation. This man is technically an online stalker. Rue is clearly not interested in whatever he’s selling but he won’t leave her alone.

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