“Mwache Zilale” Mammito Claps Back At Body Shamers

A section of Netizens recently trolled Comedian Mammito claiming that her breasts had fallen ‘terribly.”

Mammito was body shamed after sharing a video herself  in a rather revealing top.

“Ata economy ya Kenya aijaanguka hivi Alf izo naona ni soap dish ama weueh” a troll commented on the video as another said, “R.I.P fallen soldiers ”

Several other however came to her defence saying that breasts have no bones to support them for an entire lifetime.


“Women are insulting Mammito and yet zao zinaeza funga kuni. Kweli adui wa mwanamke ni mwanamke mwenzake,” a netizen said.

“Enemy of a woman is another woman keep shinning gal hazna mifupa tell them that,” read another comment.

Mammito however hit back at the trolls with a rather interesting response.

“Yes, sijakataa boobs zangu zimelala, but wewe unataka ziamke zikufanyie kazi gani ama ziende wapi? Mbona unaziamsha wachana nazi zilale. Ama zimelala kwako?” she said in a video.

In a separate video, the comedian added thaty it was time for the boobs to rest as they had been standing for 15 years

“Hizi boobs zimekuwa frontline ya kufight depression, making people happy. Mtu anakuja na stress, unauliza ni nini baba, ni taxes, shika. Hata wewe ukiwa na mtu umestand na yeye the right direction for 15 years utapumzika. So let them rest. Hata on the seventh day our Jehovah rested. Let them rest.” she said.

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