‘Muzae Wenu’-Vera Sidika’s Answer To Fans Asking Asia’s Whereabouts

It looks like Vera finally heeded to Huddah’s advise of giving her baby daughter Asia a break off social media.

The flamboyant businesswoman cum socialite was on a flaunting spree after her daughter’s first face reveal last year; and never looked back nor listened to trolls.

But Huddah’s sentiments seemed to have sufficed. She indirectly admonished Vera to stop exhausting her daughter via her IG stories.

”These social media babies be working harder than me an adult. No chance to be a child at all! You must do tiktok @ 1 month… give me a break! I need some privacy to grow up”

Vera would later hit back to both fans and Huddah, reprimanding them for telling her how to raise her own daughter.

”Bring this bullshit to me & get blocked!!! No mosquito will tell me how to raise my kid. Y’all didn’t carry her for 9 months to have opinions on how she should be raised. Zaa wako ufiche! Pls mind your uterus as I mind my own”

Vera Sidika Blocking A Fan

Despite her rage, she has recently not been posting her daughter on her IG; and her online family is already missing baby Asia. Vera stated that she already had enough of her fans inquiring to see baby Asia;

”Lmaaooo😂😂😂. Si muzae wenu. It’s becoming too much. I wake up to these dms daily. Over 50 people asking to see Asia. Surely….”

Vera Sidika

Source: Ghafla

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