Murugi Munyi: Gifting Me KSh 1m Or A Vacay To Paris Won’t Entitle One To Twa Twa

Content creator Murugi Munyi formally known as Yummy Mummy, has told men that paying for a woman’s trip to Paris or gifting them KSh 1 million is not a reason to be entitled to sexual favours.

The YouTuber said most men are entitled to having a woman sleep with them because they paid for the trip or gave an expensive gift.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke ,the gorgeous mother of three said that real men do not show they are entitled as some things will happen naturally.

“It’s always the broke men who are always expecting things. It’s never the rich or comfortable. There is nothing that a man can do that can automatically entitle him to Twa Twa. Whether’s it’s giving me a million shilling like this, or taking me to Paris, there’s nothing you can do that can entitle you to that,” she said.

Murugi Munyi

Murugi added that as a woman, she can only sleep with a man when she wants to, and no gift, regardless of how expensive it is, should make a man demand that from her.

The content creator also urged women not to allow men to take up all their financial responsibilities and instead have their own money set aside.

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