Mulamwah: Keilah Is Not My Kid

Content creator Mulamwah has dropped another bombshell regarding his past relationship with Carrol Sonie, this time claiming Keilah is not his kid.

This comes after weeks of unending drama between the two that has played out online for all to see.

In a Q and A with his fans on Thursday, the comedian accused Sonie of being unfaithful but later deleted the post after receiving backlash.


In his most recent post, netizens have not spared the comedian either, as they asked him to keep his issues off social media and find better avenues to address differences with his ex.

Shadrack Sagwe:

Stop being Juvenile Mullamwah. Some issues are better solved out of social media.

Favoured Becky:

Am sure the narrative would change if that lady was seen suffering. Now you’re so hurt seeing her shining and living her life. Move on and leave those two alone.

Jane Kirangi:

I hope you heal someday

Nathan Sambi:

better you keep silent my brother we have many parents who takes care for kids who don’t belong to them.

Last month, Mulamwah claimed his family never met Baby Keilah and Sonie even threatened to change the baby’s name.

“Honestly ata sijui kama bado anaitwa Keilah, (I don’t know if she is still called Keilah) the mother told me she will change the names and tell the kid babake alikufa.

“My family has never seen the kid (she refused to bring her home) alikataa kumleta home she even shaved her against our norms,” said Mulamwah.

The two have been at loggerheads for some time now and they often take to social media to mudsling each other.

In a separate post, Mulamwah stated that men are often judged when relationships fail but they go through a lot and choose silence to protect those they love.

“Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things but from the look of things, we will have to set things straight.

“Silence is being taken advantage of,” he remarked.

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