Mulamwah Confused Whether Kamene Is Beefing With Him Or Is Secretly In Love With Him

Mulamwah has come out to question whether Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro May have some romantic feelings for him because – she just can’t keep his name off her mouth during interviews.

I know it sounds really harsh especially with how he put it on the two posts shared on his page where he wrote;

“Kamene Kama ananitaka aseme”


But trust me – this could be the most interesting thing we are seeing in this new year. I mean, what are the chances that these two started beefing way before they met in person, and the funny part is that it keeps getting worse.

Well, the current beef was sparked by Kamene’s latest interview with Oga Obinna where she branded Mulamwah as a rude man among other things.

Not sure why the Kiss FM presenter keeps responding to questions concerning the comedian, I mean by now she should know some of these questions are meant to cause more issues between her and the comedian – but who is Kamene Goro – she responds!

Source: Ghafla

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