Mr Seed’s Ex Side Chick Reveals Why She Will Not Abort Months Old Pregnancy

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Mr Seed is about to welcome another child but not with his lovely wife; but a side chick identified as Swabrina who he planted a seed in – no pun intended!

The story shared on Edgar Obare’s page caught many peoples attention and the fact that the side chick was ready to share more details through her gram; let’s just say bloggers have been having a field day!

So far the lady claims Seed sent her 4K for an abortion which backfired; and unfortunately he continues to insist on her terminating the pregnancy but Swabrina says she will not be risking her life for the second time.

As seen in a new QnA post shared on Swabrina’s page; most fans seemed interested in knowing how far along she is, and whether she will be keeping the baby.

One fan wrote;

”Are you going to keep the baby Sweetie?”

To which she responded by saying;

”Yes I will keep my baby because I am not a kill ????????”

Mr Seed Bay mama

Not sure why everyone is focused on the pregnancy and not on the fact that people are sharing and no one is using protection?

Source: Ghafla

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