Mr Seed Reveals His Son Made Him End Beef With Bahati

Gospel singer Mr Seed has revealed that he and Bahati made peace for the sake of their children.

Speaking during an interview with World IS Mr Seed revealed that his son was always trolled before and every time he posted a photo of him, there were negative comments with people bringing up his beef with Bahati in the comment section.

The trolls also did the same with Bahati’s children and at this time the two artists decided to meet up and burry the hatchet.

“I used to post my son Gold and some toxic fans would come and compare him with Bahati’s son Majesty. The same would happen on his side and our children would end up being trolled,”

Mr Seed And Bahati

Mr Seed and Bahati who were close friends had a fallout in 2018 after their wives Diana Marua and Nimo Gachuiri had a disagreement at an EMB new year’s eve party.

According to witnesses, Diana was against Nimo’s idea of selling coffee and snacks at the party and she ended up calling the police on Nimo who was heavily pregnant at the moment.

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