‘Mimi Ni Type Ya Makena Njeri ?’Nicah The Queen Now Ready To Switch Sides

So both Nicah the Queen and husband, DJ Slahver have apparently parted ways following personal reasons that are yet to be revealed.

The ex couple confirmed the breakup stories through their social media pages; but fans aren’t fully convinced and feel that they’re chasing clout.

Well, mostly because just a few weeks ago Nicah the Queen revealed that Slahver had already paid her dowry in full;

We are in the process of officiating our marriage. We have done the traditional process. I have paid dowry and so on

Nicah The Queen

Barely a month after her confession on being Slahver’s wife and Nicah says it’s over. Just like that. All she could tell fans is that both her and ex bae had talked about it and decided to go separate ways. Wait why? I thought we’re all in this relationship together?

Anyway with their breakup publicized, Nicah isn’t planning on wasting more time looking for a male partner. Well, at least this is what her latest post implied judging from what she wrote.

Can a born again Christian be a lesbian? Ama na overthink 😂😂😂?

Nicah The Queen

This time around it appears she wants to try some wild fun with the ladies and her target must be Makena Njeri who she also mentioned on the post.

Si mninyang’anye simu aki kabla nitext makena aniambie mimi si type Yake😂😂😂 #jesusgurl #thequeenfromtheeast

Okay…having had 2 marriages fail – just like that…without notice… can we really blame Nicah the Queen for wanting to switch to females? They say life’s too short. So live.

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