Milly WaJesus Reacts To Kabi’s Photo Holding Corazon Kwamboka By The Waist

Are you the jealous type of person when in a relationship? Well, Milly WaJesus is, and it was evident through her recent reactions.

On Wednesday, Kabi WaJesus put up a photo posing with socialite and lawyer Corazon Kwamboka while holding her by the waist and his wife was right there in the comment section questioning their posture.

“Big things loading Corazon Kwamboka,” Kabi captioned his photo with Corazon.

WaJesus And Corazon Kwamboka

However, Milly joined the conversation with a quick question that left a section of her fans in stitches.

“Kwani zinaload kwa kiuno?”

Milly questioned.

Ms Kwamboka hit back with,

“Itabidi umeozea”.

A section on their followers and fans argued that the three were just teasing each other – explaining that Milly might have been the one behind the camera.

However, the picture in question found its way to Twitter and the reactions on that platform were quite something.

Many acccused the couple of seeking relevance by playing mind games on their fans.

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