Milly WaJesus Just Surprised Kabi With A Brand New Audi For His Birthday

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Turning 30 years old must have been a whole bucket of blessings for a dear Kabi WaJesus who was gifted a high-end Audi ride by his wife during a surprise event.

After starting the day with a mega billboard erected along the highway, with the words “Happy Birthday Kabi WaJesus,” looks like the show just started after driving to the scene in a brand new sleek Audi A4 luxury ride with his wife.

In a video making rounds online, the popular YouTuber couple were seen driving to the occasion in their new silver German machine, approximately KSh2.5M.

Stylishly dressed with yellow balloons, just to say “Happy Birthday”.

The two then stepped out for a stunning photoshoot, hand-in-hand before being forced to lean in for a kiss, that made Milly so embarrassed but it eventually happened.

Taking to his Instagram, a smitten Kabi WaJesus adorably gushed over his wife; “Oh my God I can’t believe this just happened. My love has out done her self. I never imagined I would be here turning 30.”

For Kabi, owning an Audi in the first place, having been born and bred in Kayole, was a crazy idea. Something that never dared to cross his mind.

“I can’t believe this, am honestly overwhelmed. God hears even our innermost desires. This is a dream come true,” he wrapped up.

Source: Ghafla

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