Mike Sonko Celebrates Adopted Son Satrine Osinya As He Turns 10

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is celebrating his adopted son Satrine Osinya after turning 10-years-old.

In his birthday message, Sonko walked down the memory lane – 8 years ago when he welcomed baby Satrine and his brother Gift Osinya into his family after their mother was killed in the 2014 Likoni attack.

“You came into our family 8 years ago as an angel and a blessing and since then, we felt that our family had become complete. You’re a source of happiness to us and we always feel blessed and lucky having you around healthy and happy despite of what happened to you on the 22nd March-2014 when you lost your lovely mum to a terror attack and escaped with a life-threatening injury,” Sonko said in part.

Satrine Osinya

Adding that;

“We thank God for healing and protecting you and your elder brother who rescued you from a hail of bullets which were being sprayed by the terrorists inside the church.

“As you turn 10 today, I want to wish you a happy birthday baby Satrine Osinya. Remember I love you so much and I want the best for you as you grow older,”.

Satrine Osinya

Satrine Osinya has been living under the care of Mike Sonko after her mother was killed in Likoni Mombasa. Osinya survived the attack with a bullet lodged in his head – at that particular time he was only 2-years old. He had to be operated on for the bullet to be removed from his skull.

“Sometime in March 2014, Al Shabaab gunmen attacked a church in Likoni; Mombasa, spraying bullets on worshipers. Among those hit by the bullets was a two-year-old Baby, Satrin Osinya. The bullet that killed his mother also penetrated the baby’s skull,” Sonko shared sometime back.

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