Mike Sonko Advises Kenyan Men Against Using Home DNA Test Kits

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has advised Kenyan Men against using home DNA test kits to determine the paternity of their children.

Posting on Instagram, Sonko said the kits will do more harm than good by causing divorce between parents and breaking relationships.

Sonko however added that the results are 99.9% accurate.

Mike Sonko

He told men to bring up kids and educate them since children are innocent and have no idea what transpired

“I have done a further research on Senator Omanga’s earlier DNA home test kit post going for 800 bob. First my advice to families avoid going for such tests as they’ll lead to lot of divorce cases na kuvunja so many relationships na maboma. However for information purposes the home test kits zinapeana up to 99.99% accuracy kama mzae alihanywa so wachaneni nahizo story muendele kulea na kusomesha watoto as they’re innocent and a blessing to families.”

The post has however attracted various opinions from his fans.

Here are some of the comments:

“Unless extremely necessary, DNA should be avoided especially among married couples. Kwanza were the kids are a little grown. It will break u badly to discover that ur favourite child is not urs and u won’t know how to deal with that. The pain on the child if u leave. Your broken heart, broken family etc. Lea wenye wako under your roof and love them. Enjoy them DNA free.”

“Are you encouraging infidelity..this is a good sign in the end of infidelity..women need to be responsible.”

“Marriage is a built on honesty and trust. Sasa Wacha watu wa patikane 😂😂.”

“Atleast more Men will get a chance to walk out of some family bondages. unapata ndume Iko pale inapambana kulea watoto sita na mmoja ndio wake. The thing is ukweli unapopatikana watu wawajibikie ukatili na makosa yao.”

“This DNA thing was never a problem those years fathers used to work in towns and only came home once on thrice per year.. Children walikuwa wa ukoo

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