Meta Flies Out Crazy Kennar To London For The Meta Creators Conference

Comedian and online content creator Crazy Kennar has flown to London, United Kingdom for the Meta creators week conference.

Kennar left the country on Wednesday, November 2, and is set to join other creators from the continent including radio presenter Kwambox.

Kwambox and Kennar were the two Kenyan content creators selected by the giant online social platform who will work for a year long with Meta as they continue to grow their audience and turn their passions into professions in Meta Technologies.

Crazy Kennar (1)

The global campaign is the first of its kind, starting in Europe, The Middle East and Africa, and expanding to more countries around the world in the coming months.

Meta’s creator partnership lead Moon Baz said the partnership with the creators will be great not just growing their audiences but also create better business opportunities for them.

“With this campaign, we aim to highlight creators who are innovating through tools such as Reels and short-form video content formats, as well as those who are leveraging, exploring new content formats such as AR/VR. We are excited to work closely with these creators, and we’re committed to help them grow their audience, build a business and unlock new possibilities for the future as we build for the metaverse,” stated Moon Baz, Meta’s Creator Partnerships Lead (Middle East, Africa and Turkey).

Joining Kennar and Kwambox in London are:

Nadia Matovu (Uganda)
Pamela Mtanga (South Africa)
Ruth Ronnie (Zambia)
Ruvarashe Hapaguti (Zimbabwe)
Mishaa (Ivory Coast)
Saraï D’Hologne (Ivory Coast)
Fatou Jupiter Touré (Senegal)
Ngorbatchev Niang (Senegal)

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