Mercy Kyallo Introduces New Boyfriend On Her Birthday

New year, new man! So it seems as Betty Kyallo’s younger sister Mercy Kyallo introduced us to her new boyfriend during her birthday.

Mercy who is an entrepreneur, marketing enthusiast, and now reality show star celebrated her birthday six days ago but it seems over the weekend she had a little celebration with loved ones and well the small party had a little bit of a surprise for us.

Mercy introduced her new boyfriend to us by sharing a cute video of the two lovingly cutting the cake together.

Mercy Kyallo

They seem to be fueled by teenage infatuation as they joked around and lovingly looked at each other as her family and friends watched and took videos of the lovey-dovey couple.

She captioned the video,

” Such a sweet part of my life,”

accompanying it with a love heart emoji and a smitten blushing face emoji.

Mercy then went ahead to share another picture of the two seated on the ground lovingly embracing each other as they shared a kiss as Mariah Carey’s song ‘Honey’ played in the background.

Who is Mercy’s mystery man? The million-dollar question that has been racking people’s minds as he was not tagged nor mentioned.

In a bid to maintain a level of privacy, Mercy was actually very keen to remove the audio in the happy birthday video so as not to let the public in fully on the details.

After a little digging ( just the usual sleuth work) I uncovered the mystery man is none other than her ex, Arthur.

Mercy and Arthur dated a few years ago and boy did they give people sleepless nights during the quarantine session ( dark times those ones) but the two broke up after Arthur relocated to Europe.

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