Mejja Responds To Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations Of Being Poor In Relationships & Family

Genge’s biggest star Mejja is placed on a pedestal when it comes to making hit songs that keep netizens entertained all year round.

But away from making good music, his love life has been a tumultuous one over the years.

His recent exposé by ex-girlfriend Milly Wairimu gave everyone a different perspective of ‘mtoto wa Khadija’ and how he treats his women.
Mejja And Ex - Girlfriend

A day ago, she spewed information on Mejja’s surreal behaviour when it comes to relationships; stating that Mejja ‘hatoshi’ when it comes to relationships.

”Manze najua mnapenda huyu msee but manze kenye alinipitishia! I don’t think any human deserves it! But maybe one day I will talk about my story. For now napendwa vizuri call me Mrs B,” she wrote.

Despite the negatives, she also maintained that she remains Mejja’s biggest fan when it comes to music.

”Huyu bazuu wenyu hatoshi y’all can judge me I know him better Hawezi🚮🚮🚮 Bazuu wa uduu🚮🚮😏 But kama celeb ako tu sawa 100%, But ikikam ni familia chorea😂😅.Still will always be his biggest fun though musically, otherwise I wish I never met him. But i want to be better not bitter😊” she stated

The ‘utawezana’ hitmaker couldn’t eschew responding to fans who remained inquisitive all over his social media. From his Instagram live, and comments on his page, it was clear that his fans really needed a response from the ‘Utawezana’ hitmaker.

The singer decided to keep his cool and not talk over the issue;

“Me sina kitu ya kusema.. I can’t go back and forth na msee. Sina comment .”

Source: Ghafla

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