Mejja Not Happy After His Song With Over 2 Million Views Was Deleted From YouTube

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Kenyan musician Mejja has had his song taken down after accumulating more than 2 million views on the platform.

The “Tabia za Wakenya” song was allegedly pulled down after a copyright claim on the video by upcoming artist Bouja Bwuoy.

In a post on his Instagram, the “Siskii” hitmaker vowed to deal with the artist who caused his video to be taken down.

“But I will never give in but I am done being the humble guy, I will deal with this one! I am so frustrated. According to YouTube rules, it doesn’t matter if I am right, I have to wait for two weeks before my video is uploaded.

“You can slow me down but I am not giving in, God above everything,” Mejja said.


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The genge artist had also been accused by another upcoming artist called Revina of stealing the same song from him.

Music fans are trying to understand who between the two newcomers and Mejja is the real copyright owner.

This comes in the wake of another accusation made against him that ended up costing him his song #NaitwaMejja.

The song was pulled down from YouTube hours after it’s release.

The “Siskii” hitmaker confirmed the song was pulled down from YouTube because it was reported for sampling and the person who reported him refused to come to an understanding with him.

Source: PulseLive

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