Meet Size 8’s Hot Sister, Mary Munyali Who Was Dumped & Played By ‘Model’ Ezra

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A lot has been said about Mary Munyali aka DJ Seven who is Size 8’s sister.

Apparently after years of dating dancer cum Instagram model, Ezra who doubles up as the father of their son the two parted ways.

According to reports Munyali chose to walk away following her exes cheating ways; and the lady he apparently moved on was the same one he was cheating with.

However, it appears that Karma finally did it’s thing as Ezra is currently facing a huge cheating scandal.

With ex Isha exposing his stories on social media; fellow ladies who had been heart broken by the serial cheater have also come out to tell their side of the story.

Meet Size 8’s sister.

Away from that, we have gathered a few photos of DJ Seven who was once in love with baby daddy; and although she appears to have moved on with her life, more than ever fans now want to hear her side of the story.

As we await, check out a few of the lovely lady’s photos turning heads on social media.


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size 8 sister
size 8 sister
size 8 sister
size 8 sister
size 8 sister
size 8 sister

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