Me Ni Wrong Number! Samidoh Warns Naughty Female Fan That He Could Impregnate Her

It seems that musician Samidoh had an eventful weekend.

The Mugithi artiste who is always performing on the weekends had to warn of an attractive female fan who suggestively danced in front of him during one of his performances.

The female fan had come to dance provocatively in front of him while he was on stage at a Nairobi club. He playfully warned the lady;

“Usituletee temptation kwa hii kazi. Mimi nimetake after guka yangu, sikujangi na number mzuri.

Musician Samidoh

Mwenye alinikaribia hivo mara ya mwisho, sahii ananyonyesha.”

(Don’t bring temptation to this work. I take after my grandfather, I am don’t joke with ladies.

The last person who approached me like this last time is breastfeeding their baby right now)

After his cheeky warning, the singer then gave the lady a Ksh 1000.

What is interesting about Samidoh’s warning to the lady is that it alludes to his baby mama Karen Nyamu, who gave birth two weeks ago.

The rather curious thing is that Samidoh had hinted in the past that he wouldn’t take care of a child that wasn’t his.

Is this an admission that he believes the child Nyamu got is really his? Or I am reading too much into this?

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