MCA Tricky Responds To Fake News About His Car Accident With Rue Baby

MCA Tricky speaks out. 

Earlier this week, Akothee freaked out when she read news from a local blog about her daughter’s car accident with MCA Tricky. She wrote;

Ish ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️ this thing made me piiii on myself ,I almost caused an accident myself
Who are this idiots wishing my children bad luck, I called my daughter nonstop ,and its a pity she is in class she could not pick, now I know we have dogs instead of human beings, what the fuck , may what you wish others be your cup of tea . This fake bloggers I will bank lots of your money this year, just continue ranting for likes and comments, idiots, I will catch up with you in afew pier mineu nkt @mcatricky GOD PROTECT YOU

MCA tricky later commented on the same during an interview with SDE, cautioning bloggers to refrain from spreading unconfirmed stories. He said;

“Kitu naweza sema kuhusu hawa ma-blogger, and all the bloggers in the country, wote. In as much wanatafuta unga, sometimes wanafaa kufikiria the other side of the story. Kuandikia msee story ya uongo, especially a tragic story,haikuwangi fiti. So kama jana, ilikuwa imeandikwa nimepata accident na Rue Baby, mama yake Akothee sijui ako wapi anaanza kuwa na wasi-wasi because hio time Rue alikuwa class anapigiwa hapick. You can imagine and they know an accident can happen any time, so ukisikia mtu amepata an accident, it is very believable; because an accident is very possible,

mca tricky
image: Mgahawani

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