Masomo Kwanza! Akothee Pauses Honeymoon To Focus On Final Exams

Flamboyant singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has returned to school to finalise a course she began approximately 14 years ago and is now intent on completing.

Hot on the heels of her much-talked about wedding, the sassy star has now shared that she is currently doing her exams as she seeks to tick off her ‘3rd bucket list’ after a prolonged hiatus from school.

Sharing the news with her 3.4 million Instagram followers, Akothee posted, “Ticking off my 3rd backet list. Day 2 into my final Exams. Bachelor of Business Management Academic year 2022 – 2023, specialising in Human Resource.”

“You can hire me after August. It’s been a journey…14 years in University, I will be back once I am done. My last paper is on Saturday 6.00 pm.”

Akothee also teased that she might finally throw a party after the completion of her exams and also hypothetically asked fans to suggest a party location.

“Where do we throw the party? Then off to my Honey moon nikapate mimba na hukooo! Bravo Mrs Schweizer!” she posted.

The ‘Sweet Love’ singer is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business management at Mount Kenya University’s Kisii campus.

In a brief phone interview, the newly-married entertainer intimated that, despite her wealth, she finally realized the importance of education and was not only doing it for herself but for her mother too.

Akothee also explained that her schooling was interrupted by her constant travelling, focus on business and raising a young family.

“My mother has always believed in my intelligence and I did this for her. Despite having everything I ever dreamed of, and being fabulously wealthy, I realized that it’s important to be armed with basic education and have something you can fall back on,” she said.

“Actually, I’m in this to finally get a job and actually work like everyone else. And I am actually purposing to go the whole way and pursue my Masters as well. I felt that it’s about time I honored my mother,”

She added: “Also, I haven’t yet gone for my honeymoon yet because I had to prepare and sit for my exams. After that, we shall surely embark on that post-nuptial vacation.”

Hundreds of fans, and fellow celebrities, flocked the comment section to congratulate the mother of five.

Legendary singer Nameless posted, “Wuuueeh, exams tena!” accompanied by a slew of congratulatory emojis.

His wife Wahu said, “Congratulations Mama! I shall help you job hunt in August!”

Last Monday, Akothee’s fairy-tale society wedding shook the entertainment circles with her name becoming a fortified topic of conversation for days on end.

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