Manzi Wa Kibera Confirms She Is Dating 65-Year-Old-Man

Upcoming socialite Manzi wa Kibera knows you have questions about her new man who’s close to double her age and she’s speaking out.

In a recent interview, the controversial internet personality revealed that she is currently dating a 65-year-old man amid the relationship chatter shutting down “haters.”

Manzi says she met the man after confessing her love for Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya.

Manzi Wa Kibera

While insisting that the two are not clout-chasing, Manzi did not disclose his name but shared that the man has been a widower since his wife’s death in 2007.

She says he pampers her with money and attention adding that she is his retirement package.’

“He’s my new man. I met him after confessing my love for MP Salasya who turned me down. He has money and he is wealthy. He caters to me, he gives me soft life, attention and love, she said.

On his part, the mzee says Manzi is not too young for him since he is able to take care of her, unlike young men.

“She is not young for me, I can take care of her and keep my promises unlike young men who are out here heartbreaking young girls,” he said.

In modern society, such relationships are considered normal as people have made a big adjustment to be more accepting of a man dating a younger woman and vice versa.

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