Man Travels From Kisumu To Nairobi to surprise Azziad with Avocado, Socks

A man hailing from Kondele in Kisumu County is seeking to surprise TikToker Azziad Nasenya with avocado and socks days after the content creator went online expressing her appreciation for such gifts.

In an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Jaden Gertrude said he made a journey from Kisumu to Nairobi to deliver the thoughtful gifts to the content creator in a bid to win her heart.

Jaden expressed his deep admiration for the vibrant content creator.

Huu mzigo nimetoka nao Kisumu, nimeupackage just courtesy of Azziad,” he revealed, showcasing the gifts he had brought.

Azziad Naisenya
Azziad Naisenya

The 28-year-old’s inspiration for the gifts stemmed from a TikTok video of Azziad, in which she playfully mentioned that a man who brings her socks and avocados would surely capture her heart, as it was her love language.

Nilikua napitia tu social media nikaona post ya Azziad, alikuwa anasema ule msee tu anaeza niletea socks na avocado kama izi zenye nimeleta, atawin heart yangu,” Jaden explained.

Jaden saw this as an opportune moment, considering that their region was renowned for producing the finest avocados.

“So mi nikaona as an opportunity, since area yetu inaproduce the best avocados,” he stated.

When asked why he hadn’t acted sooner, immediately after Azziad’s online statement, he revealed that he had exercised patience, respecting Azziad’s personal space¬†while she was dealing with the defamation case against Brian Chira.

Niliona alikua anaumia na ile case ya Chira, nikaona nimpee time kwanza, ndo maana nimekuja sasa ivi,” he explained.

Jaden disclosed that his admiration for Azziad began during his high school days. He now seeks a chance with Azziad citing that he knows she is not after money as she has enough.

Anipee tu chance, najua hataki magari, alisema ako na izo zote,” he said.

In the wake of Chira’s arrest, Azziad revealed that she could only forgive him if he gave her socks, avocado and chocolate citing that they were her love language.

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