Man Gets 8 Tattoos With Otile Brown’s Name & Face On His Body

A Kenyan man has surprised many after going through the extremes to prove his love for musician Otile Brown.

The man got eight tattoos on his neck, chest and hands. The tattoos are of Otile Brown’s name, face and his record label name ” just in love”

In a video shared on social media, the man said he is Otile Brown’s biggest fan and he has plans of getting more tattoos of the award winning musician.

Man Tattoos Otile Brown's name and face on his body

This is not the first person to show his love for Otile Brown in such a manner.

An upcoming musician identified as Kach Gal recently got two tattoos of Otile Brown’s name on her body. One tattoo on her chest and the other on her arm.

Last year, a fan was captured on video getting a tattoo of Otile Brown’s Face on her back. She had a full portrait of the artist which the tattoo artist was using as a guide.

The fan then went ahead to get another tattoo of Otile Brown’s late grandma on her hand.

Fans have been using this gesture of drawing tattoos to show love for their favorite celebrities.

A man recently got a tattoo of Oga Obinna’s family name ‘obinnaz’ on his chest to show his love and admiration.

Early this year, a lady identified as Its Lemarke tattooed the name Azziad on her back as a way of showing love.

Other celebrities who have received love from fans in a similar manner include: Mungai Eve, Willy Paul and Diana Marua.

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