Mammito Says She Doesn’t Wear Panties Because They Make Her Sweat A Lot

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Comedian Eunice Njoki, commonly known by the stage name Mammito, has introduced herself to her prospective Tanzanian fans in style, even suggesting that she is not a fan of wearing panties.

Mammito, who made her name for her rib-cracking jaws on Churchill show, is currently on a tour of Tanzania to, in her own words, ‘work on some special projects and popularise her YouTube channel.

Amid all that, Mammito chanced upon an interview with Wasafi FM to which the show host asked her how many panties she owned. Her response was out of this world.

“I rarely wear panties and if I do, it is just once in a while. They make me sweat a lot.”

The content creator also stressed during the interview that she prefers to date a ‘loaded’ man on both fronts.


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“I have struggled so much in the earlier days of my life and still work hard to make ends meet. It will not be ideal to start dating a man who cannot be in a position to make life easier for me. That will amount to moving back to square one.”

“I am seeing someone and things are working well. That is all I can say for now.”

Nairobi News understands Mammito could be in talks about playing a key role in an upcoming Bongo movie.

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