Mama Dangote Explains Why She Called Tanasha’s Son “Kichwa Kubwa”

Diamond’s mother, Sandra Kassim aka Mama Dangote has been on the receiving end for allegedly calling Tanasha’s son “kichwa kubwa.”

It all started when Diamond’s sister Esma posted a photo of her nephew, Naseeb Junior.

“I miss you Tom Kaka,” Esma’s caption on young Simba’s photo reads.

Sandra commented on the Instagram post in which her comment read “KICHWA KUBWA.”

Even though the comment was an inside joke according to Mama Dangote, some netizens did not take it kindly.

In her defense, she explained that it was the family’s preferred code of addressing Naseeb Junior since he became part of their family.

“Why are people hurt when I call him kichwa kubwa (big head) we are used to calling him that since he was born,” said Sandra.

She also added that it is also how they addressed Diamond Platnumz when he was young thus the title was passed on to his son.

Sandra also backlashed the naysayers in the same comment in which she rebukes those that always have something negative to say.

According to her, she is Little Naseeb‘s grandmother and she is already used to the name.



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