Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Mafu Reveals Suffering From Hearing Loss

Nhlanhla Mafu, a singer for Mafikizolo, admitted that she was ashamed to mention her hearing issue when she was talking about her experience with hearing loss.

The Ngeke Balunge singer conversed with one of the professionals helping her on her journey in a video that she published on Instagram.

“For me, at some point in my life, I really felt embarrassed when I had to do interviews. When I’m with my partner Theo, he always has to repeat the question,” she explained.

Mafikizolo's Nhlanhla Mafu seeks treatment for hearing loss: 'I'm doing  this for my own good' | Life

Mafu also discussed the effects of her hearing loss when she is among her pals.

“Even when I’m sometimes just chilling with friends, sometimes I would just laugh without even knowing what people are laughing about or be agreeable basically to everything because I can’t hear,” said Mafu.

Her comment section was inundated with heartwarming remarks when she posted the video about her hearing journey.

Melanie Bala, a veteran broadcaster with two decades in television and radio, said: “I really admire your sharing this with us sis. My mom has hearing loss in her one ear, and it’s amazing how you learn to compensate for it, and navigate the world, especially when you haven’t shared it with anyone else (yet). Kudos to you 👊🏾🙌🏾🤗” .

While actress and businesswoman, Sophie Ndaba, said: “This is a new season so proud to see this. GOD Is moving”.

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