Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya Exposed For Extorting Money From Friends Under False Pretences

Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya well known as Baha has been exposed for scamming people and acquiring money from them under false pretences.

Baha was first exposed by Nurse Judy, a Kenyan lady based in the United States. According to the nurse, Baha followed her on Instagram, liked her photos and moments later he sent her a message asking for a favour.

The actor claimed that he was in a tough financial situation and needed $450 to sort out some bills. He claimed that he had not paid his rent and was on the verge of eviction and the company he was working with had not paid him yet.

A collage of nurse Judy and Tyler Mbaya

Baha convinced Judy to send him more money even after she sent him $100. He said he had noone else to turn to since he is an orphan and his young family was suffering. In the messages he accused his friends of Neglecting him since welcoming a daughter with Georgina.

The multiple Messages got Judy curious and she sent Georgina a message enquiring if everything was alright and whether they needed money for rent as her boyfriend claimed.

To Judy’s surprise, Georgina said they were okay and she had taken care of the bills. She however revealed that Tyler has a gambling problem and was borrowing money from people to bet and not take care of the family as he claimed.

Georgina also added that it was unfortunate her boyfriend was using their child as a trap to extort people.

Since the exposé, other people have come forward claiming that Baha owes them money and has not paid as he had promised.

Kenyan artist African Pablo also called out the actor for failing to refund Ksh 15,000 that he had borrowed.

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