Lilian Ng’ang’a Wins Property Case Against Governor Mutua

Former Machakos county first lady Lilian Ng’ang’a has won her property lawsuit against her ex-husband and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

In a statement on her social media, Lilian says following her complaint last year, the Registrar of Companies has reversed the fraudulent transfer of her shares amounting to 1,800 by Mutua who had transferred them to his sister Ann Mbandi Mutua.

“The fraudulent transfer of my 1800 shares by Alfred to his sister Ann via lawyer BM Musau was reversed by the Registrar of Companies on 06.05.2022, after my complaint in November 2021. The hotel business reverts to 50/50 shareholding,” the statement read.

Alfred Mutua

Lilian now remains a shareholder in their joint hotel business on 50/50 terms.

“This is to notify the public that after a detailed inquiry into the transfer of the 1800 shares, the Registrar of Companies on 6/5/2022 found merit in the complaint by Ms Ng’ang’a, and has reversed the entry in the company and the fraudulent transfer of the 1800 shares,” the documents shared by Lilian read.

Lilian Ng'ang'a

“The current position, therefore, is reflected in the attached CR 12 dated 9/5/2022 in which Governor Alfred Mutua and Ms Lilian Ng’ang’a hold 2000 shares each, effectively making them 50% shareholders each in Ndash Enterprises Ltd and by extension A&L Hotel in Machakos.”

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