Legendary Football Commentator Peter Drury Recognises Kenyan Comedian Arap Uria: I Hope To Meet You Soon

Football commentary wordsmith Peter Drury on Friday recognised Kenyan comedian Meshack Kiprop Biwott, popularly known as Arap Uria.

The comedian, who has grabbed global attention by impersonating Drury’s commentaries, was appearing on Supersport Football’s Premier League Live show when he received the message from Drury himself.

“Arap, it is Peter here. I really wish I could be with you today, but I am here in Doha to witness the World Cup draw which is happening today. I love what you do.

I am terrifically laughing with you. It is superb with all the passion that you show and I love your work. I hope one time we will get to meet face to face and you can teach me how to commentate, “Drury said in the video clip played on Supersport.

Arap Uria

Despite an internet outage on Arap Uria’s side, the message was delivered much to the joy of the comedian himself and his fans.

Arap Uria is well known for dressing comically and lip-syncing Drury’s top-notch commentaries from the English Premier League and other competitions.

Drury has build a reputation as one of the finest football commentators of our time, playing with words in the most captivating way that makes football enjoyable.

Arap Uria

The 54-year old Brit has in his line of duty built himself a massive fanbase, with his excellent commentaries being recognised and shared widely.

Arap Uria is one of his biggest admirers, and the comedian is making a living by mimicking him.

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