Last Dying Wish! Diamond’s Mum Explains Dream For Son

Diamond’s mum has continued to pressure his son to get married.

Mama Dangote says her desire is that she will dance at Diamond’s wedding before she dies.

In an Instagram post, she wrote;

“Mwanangu Naseeb @diamondplatnumz. Nadhani unajua kilio changu kila siku kwako, Natamani nicheze harusi yako kabla sijakata kauli..Ushampata mwenza ndio umuoe Ramadhan ikiisha nawe uwe ndani ya ndoa Mwanangu….Naseeb

(My son Naseeb, I know you understand my wish to you every day is that I can dance at your wedding before I die. You have already gotten someone. Kindly marry her during this Ramadhan.)”


This comes a few days after allegations that he already walked down the aisle with a mystery lady from Zanzibar but yet no confirmation from the singer about the alleged rumours.

Wasafi’s presenter Diva who confirmed the news to fans said Diamond wed on a private occasion and that a government official also contacted her about the same.

In a phone interview with Juma Lokole who is also Diamond’s close friend, revealed that Diamond’s wife is from Zanzibar.

He added that Diamond’s mum was very excited about the news. Speaking about Diamond’s bae, Juma explained;

“Diamond has married secretly. Tena Mtoto mbichi. Tena mtoto anayejua dini vibaya mno. Diva, I am giving this exclusive. I found him (Diamond) praying in his house something he rarely does, he starts praying at 1 am.”

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