KRG ”Mbogi Genje Are Struggling Local Artists, I Am An International Artist Living In Kenya”.

Kenyan rapper KRG the Don has devoured his relationship with Kenyan gengetone group Mbogi Genje after he belittled them in a recent interview.

The flashy rapper addressed claims by Mbogi Genje that he had released their collabo song without their consent; something which they rebuked him for.

In his defense, KRG went ahead to deliver his harangue to them as he purported that the claims were false; adding that Mbogi Genje are a bunch of ‘struggling artists’ while he is an International one.

”Mi naimba mpaka Spanish. Bro nyinyi hamjafika bado mahali. Nyinyi bado mko chini. Mi ntawaonyesha vitu hamjawai ona. Mi ni International artist living in Kenya. You guys are just local artists struggling in Nairobi alone… Apart from izo mitaa mnasema Dandora, Kayole, Umoja, nobody else understands those things. That is thug music… Hio sheng ni lugha ya mapinji… Why don’t you sing things that everybody can understand…”

The trio is well-known for their impeccable prowess in sheng lyrics; which they’re perfectly good at; but not everyone is familiar with it.

KRG also demystified that he owned the song and recorded it before them; and all they’re doing is chasing clout using his name.

On the flipside, Mbogi Genje went ahead to cry foul by the flashy rapper and maintained that KRG used them for his own selfish needs.

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