Kishash Hit maker Lil Maina Loses His Grandfather

Kishash Kwa Bash Hit maker Jeremy Maina well known as Lil Maina is mourning the loss of his grandpa.

Lil Maina shared the devastating news on social media where he emotionally thanked his grandfather for raising him and making him the man he is today.

“Idk what to say babu, I will always have you in my heart. It is not the same without you , it will never be. The best grandfather to me and to everyone. I will miss you so much. Thank you for making me who I am today. Thank you for the support, thank you for raising me. I love you babu . Till we meet again. I never wanted to post anything about this, but I thought it would be good for you guys to know.”

Lil Maina has become an internet sensation for a long time. Fans always look forward to videos of him pranking his grandparents, goofing around parodying them and creating music with unique lyrics.

In the videos, he pulls prank that might seem too extreme but his grandparents always understand them later .

The 21 year old has unique understanding and thought process when it comes to creating laughter in a span of two minutes or less.

His most viral moments came when the global music stars, Major Lazer posted a video of him dancing to one of their song Bomaye in front of his grandparents in school uniform.

Lil Maina is lucky to have created great memories with his grandparents who are his number one supporters.

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