Kinuthia Says Most Uber Drivers Get Confused when He Orders Ride, Shows up As Woman

TikToker Kevin Kinuthia has opened up about the challenges he faces when creating content as a woman and shared mostly people get confused when they see her in him in his acting element.

Kinuthia shared that the main challenge usually happens when he orders a ride, for instance, Uber and then shows up looking all dressed and with makeup on.

In an interview with Massawe Japani, Kinuthia shared that in some instances, he had to explain that he was only creating content for most who did not know him.

“Mostly Uber drivers get surprised because you will get inside the car and say nothing until you maybe say where you are going and they would turn and wonder what is happening because they picked a man and here is a woman, but most just laugh because I tell them that I am creating content,” he said.


He added that no one has ever treated him negatively, and they laugh about it because it looks funny in most cases

Kinuthia also stated that since he cleared high school in 2019, he has not been in any relationship but told fans that he will one day reveal his sexuality.

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