King Kaka’s Wife Nana Owiti Burns ‘Satanic’ T-shirt She Was Gifted By Pal

Musician King kaka’s wife Nana Owiti has shocked netizens after she revealed she burnt a ‘satanic’ T-shirt gift from a friend.

Nana noted she had purchased some clothes from her friend and as appreciation she gave her the black branded cloth.

She narrated how while she was out making her nails at a manicure shop, the nail artist raised her suspicion on the image branded on the t-shirt.

Nana Owiti

In a long Facebook post, Nana wrote in part:

“A friend gifted me this oversized t-shirt a while ago. I don’t know whether to call it gifting, but I bought a few clothes, and they added a tee for me. It’s a thrift shop. Now, I didn’t wear it and neither did I pay close attention to detail… flash forward to jana. I wear it but then I sit down with @annes_beauty_and_beyond as she does my nails. She’s an Artist. Explains the work she does. After a couple minutes, she gives a closer look to my tee. She says nothing.. 5mins on approximately, she lets out a statement..’Mbona hii tshirt yako inanisumbua?’ I’m like.. ‘what do you mean?’ She explains it has an inverted cross and the details surrounding the same..Then I started noticing the red inverted cross, it’s a NUN(I’m Born Catholic Jowa!) the nun has long nails on her,she seems to be praying but she’s crying a river(maybe blood) I don’t know… But I’ve not been that disturbed in a while. If you are a Christian then you know what that is.. Maybe I’m petty but Ni sawa. My gut can’t be wrong….”

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