Kim Kardashian Reveals She NEVER Wore Underwear Until She Started Designing Her Very Own SKIMS

Kim Kardashian was back to modeling her own designs on her SKIMS Instagram Stories.

On Monday the 41-year-old reality star confessed to not wearing underwear during an Instagram story posted Monday on the SKIMS’ social media page.

“I never wore underwear until we invented this style,” Kim stated, showing off her brand’s dipped front thong

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The mom-of-four made a similar declaration during her recent interview on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast and also shared the same sentiment while giving fans a tour of her underwear closet last month.

“I was a non-underwear kind of girl for a long time, just because they bothered me,” she stated in the clip, per page six. “For a good last few years I just wouldn’t wear underwear, and now I do and I’m obsessed.

The Kardashians star is definitely on top of her SKIMS marketing! She most recently posed with an all-star cast of supermodels in a campaign for her line.

“Introducing Tyra, Heidi, Alessandra and Candice in their first ever joint campaign. Wearing our signature Fits Everybody collection, it doesn’t get more iconic than this,” the caption of the Instagram photo of the campaign read.

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