Kibaki’s Grandson, Sean, Will Never Approach A Lady, Here’s Why

Sean Andrew has been in a revelatory mood this past week. Apart from disclosing the fact that he wouldn’t want to pass along his beautiful genes, the model also divulged some of his dating preferences.

He revealed this in a recent QnA with his fans where he had been asked whether he had ever faced rejection in his life?

He said,

“Yes, in High School. It is actually one of the reasons I prefer being approached than doing the ‘approaching’.”

Sean Andrew

Sean’s only public relationship that we know of was with YouTube content creator Elodie Zone. The two were a dream couple for sometime there until there bitter split in 2016 where the two shared each other’s dirty linen.

Elodie who has never seen a fire she didn’t stoke claimed that the relationship had been a toxic one. Since then, Sean is still single. His reason for that? He still hasn’t found someone on his wavelength.

Sean really does have a healthy sense of self-love and confidence.

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