Khaligraph Jones Faulted For Turning Down Interview During UK Tour

Rapper Khaligraph Jones‘ trip to the United Kingdom has left Kenyan celebrities and fans arguing. 

This is after a former entertainment writer and promoter, John Muchiri, went for Khaligraph’s neck, for what he said is the rapper’s refusal to be interviewed in one of the biggest radio shows in England. 

Muchiri claimed the popular DJ Edu reached out to Khaligraph, to host him in his popular show on BBC 1xtra, but the rapper has not responded to the invitation. 

“He has not done any media interviews since he landed. I can confirm that BBC 1xtra reached out to him, even some officials used members of Sauti Sol to reach him but he never responded. They wanted him on DJ Edu’s show last Wednesday, but he never responded. Now there’s no more availability unless he stays in London for another 2 weeks or so. Next week is fully booked. I can confirm that,” Muchiri said.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

He went on to bash Khaligraph for missing out on the opportunity, saying his lack of action shows why some African artists will not make a break-through. 

“His management probably knew about all these things but did nothing. All they are doing now is taking pictures in London. Which is okay. And then go back to perform in Mwea and Kericho?” he ranted further. 

However, his ranting attracted the attention of Genge legend Nonini, who hit back defending Khaligraph, saying Muchiri sounds bitter and that Khaligraph knows what he is doing. 

Nonini also hit out at stylist and promoter Fundi Frank for siding with Muchiri.

“Instead of using their platforms to elevate Kenyans they use it to hate and always praise other countries. Brian Ouko Omollo (Khaligraph) wewe fanya vile unataka sio lazima ufanye interview zao my ni**ar. Oh and show za Kericho do pay as well,” Nonini hit back. 

On his part, Fundi Frank denied ever having issues with Khaligraph or any other Kenyan artist.

“He doesn’t need your help at all. Yuko na viewers enough already kwa YouTube in his new song na downloads pia. OG yuko sawa sana like he said. Huyo ni battle rapper, one of the best in his generation. If it’s about posting him, I’ve done it many times before tukifanya shows pamoja at our club events ,Mseto Campus Tours na Tusker Nexters recently. More gigs are coming and I’ll do it again. Wewe jisemee coz OG is already respected, he doesn’t need your help,” Frank hit back. 

Their fans were not left behind either, with some supporting Nonini’s sentiments and others agreeing that Khaligraph should have grabbed the opportunity to do the interview.

“BBC1xtra is a huge platform for anyone performing in the UK. And you know how powerful radio is a media tool. Maybe OG has his side of the story but suggesting he doesn’t need the platform is being untruthful,” one fan said. 

Another fan said: “These are the same people that won’t feature artists due to some nitty gritty but will try to be controversial when they are making headlines. OG si mtoto, he knows what he’s doing. Like why do people love to be nosy on everyone’s business. Kama nani?! Kwani imemuuma. Sometimes you need to be cool and do your thing not to please others because you know what the price is and who your target is.”

Khaligraph has lately been making headlines after he started a battle with Tanzanian rappers, which culminated in the release of a new song.

The battle saw many Kenyan and Tanzanian celebrities jump on the bandwagon.

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