Kenyans Threaten To Boycott Zuchu’s Songs After She Ignored Milly Chebby And Terence Creative

Several Kenyans online have threatened to stop listening to singer Zuchu’s songs.

This is after the Tanzanian artist openly ignored Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative.

Zuchu and Terence
Zuchu and Terence

The couple, together with the Mathenges(Nameles and Wahu) recorded a video vibing to Zuchu’s song, Nani, and when Zuchu shared the video she only gave credits to Nameless and Wahu.

“I had to repost this one from the king and the Queen @namelesskenya@wahukagw aah mmeweza kulicheza sagarumba,” Zuchu captioned the photo.

Angry Kenyans  thronged her comments section saying that Terence and Milly were also legends. Others noted that the couple was even dancing better than the Mathenges.

Here are various reactions;

“Zuchu itabidi umedelete hii post na uipost poa ukiwa umetag kila mtu mwenye amedance banaa,wacha zakoo.”

“Kando na nameless and wahu hao wengine ni wanyama au?”

“It’s high time Kenyans should start supporting our local artists 100% Sasa Ona Huyu anajifanya haoni terrence and milly and the way hawa wako na big influences!!! Stop supporting people who cannot recognize you!!!”

“We zuchu unataka kusema hujaona choir master wetu,delete hii kitu na urudie tena ama kule YouTube tukufanye Ile kitu,mai”

“Unawacha ku tag brand kubwa papa freddy @terencecreative na @millychebby unatujua sisi wakenya kwa uzalendo kweli itabidi u delete.”

“Weee msichana …is either you tag them nor we took back our views of this song nkt.”

“@officialzuchu don’t try Kenyans @terencecreative and @millychebby the are our legends too kuwabagua hivi sio vizuri us as Kenyans we know how to discipline well well ask someone who has gone under that”

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