What do you think? Should Jowie be the main speaker?

The men’s conference commences on Valentine, and now that Jowie has been released on bail, Kenyans have suggested that he should be made the main speaker.

Jowie has not had the best year, after losing Maribe, his ex-finance, and ending up in jail, things have not been easy for the murder suspect.

image: Pulse Live Kenya

Here are how some Kenyans reacted to Jowie’s release on a cash bail;

 @ItsKiprotich1: This case of Jowie is a perfect description of the power of Money. You got money, you gonna be free. Without the money, you will rot in jail even if you haven’t been proven guilty.
@kajonee: Just in time for valentine or probably men’s conference.
@ombasabenah: Baba shouted yesterday, “jowi, jowi,jowi” the judge got confused and now Jowi is out.
@hmjumba: #RAO mentions Jowie 3 times at Kabarak yesterday and today Jowie is released…wacheni Baba aitwe Baba!
@jimmymricheni: Jowie is finally out. Men’s Conference main speaker tomorrow will be Jowie.
@CisNyakundi: The Judiciary was finally ashamed and has granted Jowie bail but why Ksh 3 Million even after he suffered for more than a year? It seems someone was really determined to jail Jowie.
@AS_Wanyama: Jowie released… Itumbi be like ‘Why Me?’. Itumbi’s Valentine’s Day under siege.


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