Kenyan Girl Elated After Meeting Rihanna In Supermarket

A girl who goes by the handle Stasroimen said to be a Kenyan national, ran into Rihanna in a supermarket.

She was allowed to take pictures and videos with the singer, who appeared to oblige her request to pose.

The girl then went ahead to fangirl, describing Rihanna as sweet and humble after meeting her in the supermarket.


She wrote,

“My God I don’t even know where to start… I met 🎉RIHANNA 🎉today 😫🥹😭. I had such a genuine long conversation with her; I almost forgot to take a photo. I can’t wait to interview you @badgalriri one of these days.”

Many people worldwide who have ever run into Rihanna have shared how it has been a beautiful experience.

Many say she greets fans and takes time to take pictures, unlike other celebrities who brush off eager fans. They express surprise that she allows people to come close to her.

Here is another fan who also said he ran into her in the supermarket as well. He told that she has gorgeous perfume. Others have also said that she smells amazing.

Macbookmike shared a similar video and photo on his Instagram, writing,

“I met her at the same store yesterday shes awesome,”


How lucky she is 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹


A whole billionaire but humble enough for this. So bomb.. i love herrrr


The Queen going out her way for the fans! god I love her

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