Kenyan Billionaire Chris Kirubi Says Marriage Is Enslavement

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Kenyan tycoon Chris Kirubi has given his take on the institution of marriage, describing it as a form of enslavement.

Kirubi who spoke during an interview on Churchill Show on Sunday, asked men to be careful while choosing their marriage partners or else they risk imprisoning themselves for life.

“Marriage is enslavement, you have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery, to go to jail, and not to go there to test it and get out. It is a permanent affair you are jailed for life.”

“If you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure. But there are some women, it’s like they first went to the army then came back for you to marry them; they are always in a fighting mood. Good has to bless you,” said Kirubi who divorced his wife in 1991.

While acknowledging that there are some good Kenyan women, Kirubi noted that Ugandan women are the best as they treat their husbands with respect.

“The Ugandan woman will come to untie my shoes when I come back asking me of my day at work. They are very polite; you never fight with them. If you have never experienced, you better go to Uganda and go with one-way ticket, because you might never come back.”

The 79-year-old businessman further talked about his two children—his daughter Mary-Anne Musangi who works as the Managing Director of his company Haco Industries, and his son Robert Kirubi who works in Brussels, Belgium as the head of Global Customer Programs at DHL Service Logistics.

“My daughter is here in Kenya is the MD of my factory, Haco Industries. My son is in Brussels; he works for DHL. I think they pay him so much money he refused to work for me but its good he has also accumulated a lot of experience,” Kirubi said Kirubi in the interview.

Kirubi, who has invested heavily in various sectors including media, real estate, agriculture, and manufacturing, is among the richest individuals in the country.

This was Kirubi’s first interview since he returned to the country in August 2019 from the US, where he underwent cancer treatment for months. He defeated the illness.

Source: Mwakilishi 

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