Kartelo Speaks On His Beef With Chipukeezy, Reveals What Really Transpired

Comedian Nick Chege(Kartelo) and his counterpart Vincent Muasya Mutua aka Chipukeezy have for a long time been thought to be beefing but on several occasions they have refuted the claims.

This time, Kartelo has come clean over the latter issue.

The two were running Chipukeezy show together until it’s indefinite closure.


The genesis of the jesters’ beef was ignited after fans noticed that they are not following each other on Instagram, sometime back. And they were later roped in to respond to the beef allegations.

Chipukeezy went ahead to opine that there is no bad blood between him and Kartelo. Adding that, Kartelo is like his small brother and Netizens should stop being petty.

Bearing the latter in mind, Kartelo has once again addressed the issue, upon Chipukeezy’s arrival in the country.

Speaking on Mungai Eve’s channel, the jester went ahead to admit that they’re indeed not in good terms with Chipukeezy.

”Hatuko in good terms, naeza sema ivo. Ata ka sitaenda into details lakini hatuko in good terms.”

But the jester maintained that he still respects him for contributing handsomely to his growth as an artist.

”Mimi namrespect sana. Sababu Chipu in a way yaani amenifanyia vitu mob sana. Na amenivukisha daraja mingi sana… Tumeokoleana. Mimi personally amenijenga na amenisaidia sana…”

Source: Ghafla

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