Karen Nyamu ready to share Samidoh with his wife Edday

Karen Nyamu has expressed her willingness to be a part of a polygamous marriage with Samidoh, the Mugithi artiste, and his wife Edday Nderitu.

However, this decision was not taken lightly, as a few months ago, Edday had expressed her displeasure when Samidoh was spotted with Karen, his baby mama.

Despite Karen’s announcement that the relationship had ended, Edday remained upset and declared that she was not ready to raise her three children in a polygamous family set-up.

She then narrated the hardships she has faced throughout their 15-year marriage, including Samidoh’s disrespect, humiliation, and social media trolling.

Recently, Edday shared a throwback photo with her late grandparents talking about a beating she once received for not attending school.

Samodoh jumped on the comment section, responding where he insinuated that his wife was that friend who did not want to go to school.

He joked, “And having known you I am sure ni wewe ulimuita on your side!”

Edday responded to the post, telling her husband she is a good girl.

“Samidoh 🤣🤣🤣 I am a good girl. You know [that], usijaribu kunichomea (Don’t tarnish my street reputation)” 

Their fans were quick to respond, with many saying they were happy that the two love birds were still together.

Some fans tagged Ms Karen Nyamu as they mocked her, saying she was single again.

“Samidoh and Edday are back together…you’re single again, welcome back,” a critic said in one of Karen Nyamu’s posts on Facebook.

Nyamu quickly responded by stressing that Edday and her are co-wives.

“Aki mimi siwezi kua single sababu ya comment? (I cannot be single because of a Facebook comment) I accepted my co-wife years ago,” Karen said.

Samidoh remained silent about the drama, but he spent the weekend celebrating his youngest daughter’s birthday with Edday.


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